In an era where competition between companies to attract and facilitate customers is becoming tougher and tougher, CRM (Customer relationship management) plays a vital role in attracting and managing customers. The goal of a CRM system is to make new customers and make existing customers more loyal to the organization.

KIPYA solution doesn’t leave you alone in the domain of CRM. We at KIPYA solutions have developed efficient CRM systems that allow you manage your customer relationship with ease and efficiency which was never possible before.


  • Detailed analysis and evaluation of the marketing campaigns by tracking the increase in number of customers
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction through feedbacks and loyalty through the products which the customers buy repeatedly
  • Open source CMS system; customizable according to the customer’s requirements
  • Support for integrated Voice over IP systems that allow easier and convenient communication with the existing and potential customers
  • Extremely affordable price of 15€/user



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Kipya CRM

CRM system by KIPYA is all what you need in order to track your relationship with your customers. Be it financial matters, customer satisfaction or monitoring performance of the marketing team our CRM system will give you the most accurate and reliable results.

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